We offer two kinds of courses. If you wish to just enjoy a bit of freefall and look at the nice view under a canopy for a few minutes without being responsible for the equipment use you can choose a tandem course. In tandem jump you are attached to an experienced skydiver’s harness and you are just a tourist on the ride of your life. If you want to learn how to skydive individually you can take our basic course. The basic course trains you to start learning skydiving with an aim to become an individual skydiver.

Our courses are held in finnish, but some of our instructors can also provide training in english. Instructing in english will be arranged separately. Please contact us for arrangements.

Tandem course

A tandem course is your choice if you want to have a great one time experience. Our experienced tandem instructors will teach you everything you need for a tandem jump. The whole thing takes about two hours including the jump. You will receive some training at our club house, after which we take you to see our plane and train how to act when aboard. After the training you are good to go. Our plane takes you to 4000 meters where you exit the plane with the instructor. About 50 seconds of freefall follows and after that you can enjoy the view under the canopy.


Tandem course is a good gift too. Many choose to surprise their friends by bringing them to a tandem course. It is a really good surprise for someone havin a birthday or a bachelor’s party. The person does not need to be aware of what is about to happen beforehand. There are no strict health limitations. A good basic health is enough. Eyeglasses are not a problem, as you can either jump without glasses or use safety goggles that can be worn on top of eyeglasses. If you choose to, you can have the whole experience filmed on a video camera. After the jump you will get the footage to take with you.


Basic course

Want to become a skydiver? Want to learn how to exit the plane, fly in freefall and land a parachute safely? The basic course teaches all that. Our basic courses are executed with static line method. This means that there is a static line that is attached to the plane and your parachute rig. When you drop from the plane, the static line opens the rig and the parachute opens automatically. On three first jumps there is also a radio receiver in your helmet. A trained professional is standing on the ground and giving you steering directions to ensure a safe landing to our dedicated landing zone.