Skydiving is an extreme sport where you can really feel weightless in freefall. To get started with skydiving you need to take a course that we offer. You can take a tandem course, or sing up for a weekend long course that trains you to jump alone under supervision. Our basic courses usually start on friday and if the weather is good you can jump your first time during the same weekend. Tandem courses are always arranged personally and the date and time will be agreed on in phone or e-mail. Skydiving is an unforgettable experience and many will jump just once. However for many of us it will become a life long hobby and a way of life. Wether you are looking for a one time adrenaline rush or a sport to dedicate your life to, Skydive Oulu offers everything you need.


Usually people think that skydiving is a very expensive sport. That is not true. Our courses are among the cheapest in Europe and the jumps after the course are a bit over 20 euros per jump. You can check out our prices at the price list page.


A lot of different sports exist inside skydiving. In freefall there are a few different things to do. In formation Skydiving (FS) people fly belly down and form different kinds of figures with each other. Freeflying is a relatively new sport and in it you fly in various different forms including sitflying, head down and backflying. Wingsuits are also very popular. Wingsuit can greatly prolong the freefall time since it slows the descent speed and increases the horizontal speed. Some people prefer really fast parachutes for added speed and action while others like to take it more slowly and may go for landing accuracy instead.