skydive-huhtikuu-40Skydive Oulu is a fairly young organisation. The club was formed in 2006 when 24 active skydivers decided to found a new club. Our aim is to improve the conditions of skydiving in Oulu and neighbouring regions. With us you are treated with respect and care starting from your first jump and continuing into your career as a skydiver way after you have received your license.


We mainly operate at the airport located in Oulunsalo. Since it is an international airport and quite busy at times we also operate at another spot, Ahmosuo which is about 23 kilometers to southeast from Oulu. We also co-operate with other skydiving clubs, Skydive Kemi to name one. We have visited Kemi and they have visited us and our cooperation is sure to continue in the future.


Club house


We have a beautiful club house that is located at Papijärventie 8, Oulunsalo. The house is very near the airport and it is easy to navigate to. Our club house is well suited for skydivers. We have a big living room that is converted into a packing area. We also have a swimming pool that we have converted into an auditorium for courses. To compensate for one swimming pool lost, we put a plastic one to our front yard every summer! We also have a decent sauna and proper toilets, not something that you can say about other skydiving clubs in Finland.


The club house is our base of operations during spring and fall. On a bit colder days we use the house for packing and waiting for the next jump. On warm summer days we take everything with us and hang out at the landing area which is near. During evening times we gather to the club house to talk about days events and watch videos of the jumps done. The club house can accommodate many jumpers who want to spend the weekend at the house.


We use a diesel engine powered Cessna 182 to climb up to 4000 meters (13.000ft).  The plane takes about 30 minutes to climb to maximum altitude, a static line student load at 1000 meters (3300ft) is flewn in about 15 minutes.

Our club house in Google Maps